ATKey.Pro: just easy 3 steps to have Passwordless Azure Active Directory Logon

ATKey for Microsoft Azure Active Directory

Bio-Safe™ for ATKey.Pro

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Microsoft Azure Active Directory FIDO2 Passwordless Sign-In

Your employees with Microsoft Azure Active Directory accounts can use the ATKey.Pro to replace passwords with a secure multi-factor authentication option that is both convenient and reduces risk.

Password-less sign in with ATKey.Pro also makes it easier to sign in for device-based authentication tasks, such as joining or registering Windows 10 PCs to Microsoft Azure Active Directory

Fingerprint USB dongle for any PC

ATKey.Pro designs as a HID device, it can work with different OS without extra driver downloads and installations

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Bio-Safe™ Hardware Password Manager

How do you manage your credentials (username & password) for hundreds or even more web services? Record them in writing to a paper note or leverage web-browser or cloud-based password management services? Are they secure?

Partnering with Broadcom, Bio-Safe™ is now ready and available for ATKey.Pro. You can securely record these credentials into ATKey.Pro and login to websites using convenient and secure fingerprint verifications.

Check here for step-by-step instructions!
*ATKey.Pro firmware needs to be 1.00.9 or later version.

Highly Secure Design

ATKey.Pro is built upon the FIPS 140-2 Level 3 Certified Broadcom® BCM5810X microcontroller suited for high security applications.

ATKey.Pro utilizes the BCM5810X Secure Boot and Secure XIP to protect it from hacker attacks on hardware and firmware.

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Best Fingerprint experience

Slim, Compact, Easy to touch, Accurate.

How does the security key capture your fingerprint? Users need to “push” fingers to touch the sensor area, while the ATKey.Pro only needs a slight “touch” for fingerprint matching.

Standalone Enrollment

With patent pending “Standalone enrollment” technology, users can enroll fingerprints by power bank or any PC without downloading software, installation and operations.

Up to 10x fingerprints, less than 1 second matching time.

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We do integration to fit your IT environment

We can customize firmware or provide sample code to integrate ATKey into your application or IT environment

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App: ATKey for Windows
App: ATKey for Mac
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