With FIDO2 and biometric authentication,

you're finally passwordless .

Safe and secure enterprises should not be limited by passwords.
The AT.AufhFi FIDO2 Cloud Solution can help your business grow and improve its security posture.


How AT.AuthFi Can Grow Your Business?


On-demand FIDO Cloud


Eliminate password-related exploits

    FIDO® certified AT.AuthFi, our authentication solution, is not only designed for developers but to be user-friendly. AT.AuthFi eliminates the need for passwords by using biometric FIDO2 ATKey instead when securely authenticating with servers. It's easy to integrate, and it eliminates phishing issues entirely.


+ Management Console

    When you integrate MFA/passwordless FIDO authentication into your original web service via the API, it is automatically activated for your millions of users, who can quickly protect their accounts with the most secure authentication method using ATKey. AT.AuthFi provides a comprehensive management console that allows you to track user authentication status, user management, and more in the background, providing you and your users with an efficient and seamless user experience.


Why Biometric?
Security and Convenience

    Security key is the best form of authentication, and our FIDO® certified ATKeys give you a cut above the rest. In addition to your fingerprint being registered to a secure FIDO2 Key, it is also stored in a security element which protects it from digital and physical attacks. This enables simple and robust MFA/passwordless authentication for businesses and individuals.


How it works?

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Flat Pricing, Unlimited Scale, One Solution for All Your Needs.

We charge a flat fee per month per user for unlimited authentications.


Give your users a delightful and seamless way to authenticate from any device or channel

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