Why you should start usingAuthFi :

AuthFi helps creating simpler and much safer online experience for you users, also reduce cost for the credential management.

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Security Assurance

Anti-Phishing, worry-less for credentials hacked or stolen!

With AuthFi, your users can do Passwordless or MFA authentication base on FIDO2 certified authenticators.
Reduce Cost

Reduce Operating’s Cost

Passwords be hacked, forgotten and reset are nightmare for any companies or web services.

With AuthFi, users can use a simpler and safer way to replace password to login your service. Your team doesn’t need to spend time on dealing with password lost issues.
Business growth

Business Growth

Users have seamless and better experience in authorization.
IT team spends time efficiently on significant issues.
Your web-based service will create more value with AUTHFI!

With AuthFi, turn your web authentication from ID/Password to FIDO authenticator.


How it works?

Follow below 5 steps to start your Free Trial.
Before you start, you need an authenticator ATKey.Pro on Amazon or download authenticator APP (iOS , Android).


Grows your busniss with AuthFi

Start from free trial, contact us to active!

Free Trial

$?per user per month

15 Days Trial for 10 users.

  • FIDO2 Server,users' and logs management console
  • Our plan is flexible. The price depends on the number of users and services.
  • We charge a flat fee per month per user for unlimited authentications.

    What kind of protection do you want to enable for your RP (Web service) users?

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