• On-demand FIDO Cloud API – Secure, Fast & Easy
  • All You Need to Build Passwordless Authentication
  • Scale Up with Your Business Growth

The Power of AuthFi

  • Register the account online with your email, it’s free!
  • Add your web service (relying party) URL
  • Integrate API with open source Docs and sample codes for web service, and mobile app (including passkey library)
  • Done! Start your FIDO Passwordless login with Passkeys. Contact us for your requirements

AuthFi adapts to your needs, whether in the public cloud, private cloud, or on-premise VM. Test in our AuthFi public cloud, then deploy to your production environment is also an efficient approach many of our customers find practical.

  • Flexible plans based on the number of users and web services (relying party)
  • Flat monthly fee per user for unlimited authentications
  • 15-day free trial for max. 10 users

AuthFi assists businesses from different industries


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