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81% of hacking-related breaches use either stolen or weak passwords, we believe biometric passwordless login is the inevitable trend of authentications to reduce IT costs, enhance security, and bring convenience.

Sooner or later, most people will login devices, accounts, services, and applications via a biometric authenticator to eliminate passwords; AuthenTrend is bringing Phishing-resistant biometrics Passkey to meet the trend of Authentication and identification ​from Business to Personal​; from Centralization to Decentralization​; from IT to IoT. 

New generation card-type passkey – ATKey.Card NFC

Launch of the new generation card-type passkey support for both contact (smart chip) & contactless (NFC) communication.


Solution for passwordless Windows PC login with ATKey.

AT.AuthFi: Passkey-as-a-Service

Launch of the on-demand FIDO server solution to puzzle up all parts needed for businesses to build passwordless environments. [read more]

CTAP2.1 certificated

ATKey.Pro is FIDO CTAP2.1 certified! [read more]

CTAP2.1 specification contributor

AuthenTrend is part of CTAP2.1 contributors together with industry giants. [read more]

Microsoft Passwordless Partner

Named in the Microsoft digital event – Your Passwordless Future Starts Now as the top FIDO passkey provider. [read more]

Co-hosts Passwordless Pilot Program with Microsoft

Supported numerous SMBs and Services Integration Providers in building their practice and implementing passwordless infrastructure with Azure AD. [read more]

CES Innovation award

Fingerprint blockchain cold wallet to enhance security, privacy, and convenience. [read more]

Microsoft MISA member

Validated as a MISA member with the biometric key (ATKey.Pro) showcase on the 2019.11 MSFT Ignite [read more]

FIDO2 certification

First fido2 certified fingerprint authenticator​ in the world


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