• Activate the key by setting up a PIN
  • Enroll fingerprints on the ATkey
  • Register ATKey to websites
  • Start browsing

Follow the steps for key activation

Hold the card still near the NFC scan area

NFC reading area may be different across devices, make sure to check this out with your device provider before you start. (Normally, the NFC reading area is near the camera for iPhones, and right in the middle for Android phones.)

Touch the fingerprint sensor 4 times repeatedly without moving the card

SecurityKey NFC APP for Andriod phone users is now available in BETA version

iPhoneAndriod Phone
Security Key Activationvia SecurityKey NFC APP Downloadvia SecurityKey NFC APP (BETA) Download
Major Browser availability (for Authentication)Chrome, SafariChrome
MacWindows PC
Security Key Activationx1. via Device Account Setting
2. via Chrome Browser Setting
Major Browser availability (for Authentication)SafariChrome, Edge


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