Smart Badge type security card can communicate with the host through USB/BLE/NFC interfaces, including FIDO2, and FIDO U2F.


Best Fingerprint Experience

  • With the build-in Egis fingerprint sensor, you can enjoy the risk-free login with something you have (ATKey Card), something you know (Pin Code), and something you are (fingerprint).
  • Fast and accurate fingerprint recognition. (< 1 sec., FAR < 1/50,000, FRR < 2 %)
  • Save up to 8 fingerprints.

Multiple Interfaces to Fit All Scenarios

  • Smart Badge type security card can communicate with the host through USB/BLE/NFC interfaces, including FIDO2, and FIDO U2F.
  • Encryption algorithms in cryptography based on FIDO2 to store and protect fingerprint data securely.

Standalone Enrollment

  • Patented innovative standalone technology.
  • No proprietary app and driver needed; Users can enroll fingerprints to ATKey.Pro directly.

Easy to Integrate Natively into Azure AD and Major Platforms

  • Through FIDO2 to interact with ATKey, you can easily have your secured authentication with biometric identity to build a passwordless and worry-free IT ecosystem, and AuthenTrend's ATKey Card integrates natively into Azure Active Directory.
  • Using on all your devices plug- n-play, including Windows, Mac, Linux, and all major browsers.

Microsoft Azure Active Directory FIDO2 Passwordless Sign-In

Your employees with Microsoft Azure Active Directory accounts can use the ATKey.Card to replace passwords with a secure multi-factor authentication option that is both convenient and reduces risk.

Password-less sign in with ATKey.Card also makes it easier to sign in for device-based authentication tasks, such as joining or registering Windows 10 PCs to Microsoft Azure Active Directory

RSA SecureID® Access

RSA SecurID Access protects both SaaS applications and traditional enterprise resources with a full range of authentication methods and dynamic, risk-driven access policies. Now it supports using FIDO2-Certified and U2F-compliant ATKey.Card as an authentication option.

Best "Tap-to-Login" Experience with Your NEW Surface Go 2 Built-in NFC Reader!


Passwordless Login with ATKey.Card on the go.

  • Card type fingerprint enabled NFC card for U2F and FIDO2.
  • Portable key for any Windows, Mac, Linux and Chromebook or all major browsers.
  • Fingerprint matching to boost NFC for permission to door locker, card reader, kiosk, and Azure AD login through NFC reader.
  • Integration to fit your IT Environment easily.

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