ATKey.Card is a Smart Badge type security key for IT and multiple applications

ATKey.Card Passwordless Windows account via FIDO2

ATKey.card standalone enrollment

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Fingerprint enbled smart badge

how many badges or tags you need for office employees? how to make the the badge working by assigned person?

ATKey.Card built-in USB, BLE and NFC interfaces, plus fingerprint authentication, employee can just has assigned card for NFC door access, BLE location tracking and USB security key for PC and Server login, never borrow or land cards each other.

IT Security - FIDO2, OTP

IT Security - Multi-factor or Passwordless authentiation
Following the trend of Authentication, ATKey.card can support both MFA (multi-factor authentication) or even Passwordless through FIDO2, OTP or others to truely secure web authentication.

We do project base customizations to fit your authentication scenarios.

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Microsoft Azure Active Directory

Passwordless authentication methods are more convenient because the password is removed and replaced with something you have plus something you are (fingerprint).

Microsoft Azure Active Directory is adding new credentials to the passwordless family: FIDO2 security keys.

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RSA SecureID® Access

RSA SecurID Access protects both SaaS applications and traditional enterprise resources with a full range of authentication methods and dynamic, risk-driven access policies. Now it supports using FIDO2-Certified and U2F-compliant ATKey.Card as an authentication option.

RSA Ready page

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Real-time Location tracking (BLE)

ATKey.card integrates to Quuppa as a BLE tag for real-time location tracking, leverage Quuppa AOA locator and Positioning algoritm, the positioning accuracy is down to 10cm.

We do project case customizations to fit your locator and positioning algorithm.

NFC Applications

Fingerprint verified to enable NFC to work with ISO14443 & Mifare readers including door access control, NFC reader and even NFC POS (by JavaApplet).

You just can use your own card by fingerprint!

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Standalone Enrollment

base on AuthenTrend Patent filing technology, users can enroll their finegrprints to cards anywhere without app download/install to a target PC or mobile phone, it's truly convenince and secure.

We do integration to fit your IT environment

We can customize firmware or provide sample codes to integrate ATKey.card into your application or IT environment

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App: ATKey for Windows
App: ATKey for Mac
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