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March 3, 2021
AuthenTrend Biometric Security Keys Integrates with Microsoft to Build a Passwordless, Worry-Free IT Ecosystem
No more password is the vision of AuthenTrend. We provide fingerprint enabled authentications with FIPS140-2 Level 3 certified Broadcom Credential Vault in an extremely compact size, fastest fingerprint recognition speed, and extremely low power consumption. We store the registered fingerprint templates and process fingerprints matching in the ATKey.Pro, so the fingerprint identification is not only easier to use but significantly more challenging for criminals to exploit. With FIDO2 capabilities, ATKey.Pro can entirely replace weak static username/password credentials with strong hardware-backed public/private-key credentials. These credentials cannot be reused, replayed, or shared across services. AuthenTrend's ATKey.Pro adheres to the FIDO/WebAuthn protocol that brings about a cross-platform solution of strong authentication, extremely security and without using passwords.
December 8, 2023
Bio-tap to login | Biometric employee ID cards enhance security while bringing convenience for construction workers
The Challenge In construction or transportation companies, employees use shared devices such as industry PCs or tablets in the working field. Employees need […]
December 1, 2023
Bio-tap to check-in | Biometric student ID cards bring efficiency, security and cost saving
The Challenge The previous system for student ID card check-in was very cumbersome and time-consuming for professors and students. One of the key […]
February 7, 2023
ATKey – 3:Register ATKey to services
January 31, 2023
ATKey – 2:About ATKey and fingerprint
January 31, 2023
ATKey – 1:Why we need security key and FIDO2?​
September 1, 2022
WindowsPCの二要素認証「Yubi Plus」に、生体認証鍵を追加
日本情報システム株式会社 (本社:埼玉県狭山市、代表取締役:肥沼 佑樹、以下 NJS) は、WindowsPCの二要素認証プロダクト「Yubi Plus」 に使用するセキュリティ鍵が、 生体認証に対応したことを発表します。   Yubi Plus 製品サイト:   これにより、生体(指紋)情報に基づいた本人確認を行った上で、 二要素認証が実現可能となります。 要求するセキュリティレベルに応じて、 生体認証鍵(NJS ATKey)または、 既存の物理認証鍵(YubiKey)のいずれかを、 Yubi Plusの認証用USBセキュリティ鍵としてご選択いただけます。   数多くの導入実績がある「Yubi […]