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about Passkeys

Based on FIDO standards, any passwordless FIDO credential is a passkey. Passkeys are replacements for passwords, which provide faster, easier, and more secure sign-ins to websites and apps across user devices. Passkeys are STRONG and PHISHING-RESISTANT.

Synced Passkeys

Hardware Passkeys

The survey done by Enterprise Strategy Group indicated that biometrics and security keys are the most popular passwordless authentication methods for organizations. ATKey combines both Biometric and Security Keys into a single authenticator product.

Passkeys by PIN code

Passkeys by Fingerprint

Why do I need a hardware passkeys?

  • In some workplaces, mobile phones are not allowed to perform mobile APP MFA
  • While multiple users are accessing the shared devices or computers
  • Employees prefer not to store company-related information on personal devices
  • Mobile devices do not meet the required standard
  • Government policy mandates roaming authenticators
  • Poor network connection environment
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Where can I use the Passkey?

Bio-Tap to Login

2024 new generation fingerprint-enabled card type security key. Support both contact and contactless FIDO2 passwordless login. Enhanced the login experience to the next level – secure and simple!

Bio-Touch to Login

Side-mounted fingerprint-enabled USB security key brings the best fingerprint experience. Compact and effortlessly portable, ensure secure passwordless FIDO2 login.

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