AT.LogOn is FIDO enabled Solution
for Joined AD domain PC​

  • Passwordless logon your PC, RDP and intranet web services​
  • Secure on-premise Active Directory credentials​
  • Simplify user experience​
  • Reduce IT management efforts

Passwordless Logon to
your joined AD domain PC​

  • via highly secure fingerprint enabled FIDO2 key
  • (less than 1 sec. ) fingerprint matching to login​
  • login your account via key on shared workstations or shared PCs​
  • for both online and offline

Passwordless Logon
Remote PCs/Server​

  • Fingerprint matching for Remote Desktop Connection
  • Re-direct ATKey to Remote PC​​
  • Fingerprint matching to logon Remote PC​​

Passwordless Logon to
your Intranet Web services​

  • Hardware base password manager protected by FIPS 140-2 certified secure MCU​
  • Fingerprint matching to login
  • Enable browser white list for allowed intranet web services ​

Why Passwordless via FIDO (vs. OTP or Phone-as-token)?

Why Hardware key?​

  • Passwordless login for both online/offline​
  • Passwordless login for both inside domain or outside domain​
  • roaming key to Passwordless login user account on any shared workstations, PCs or Kiosk
  • Hardware password manager for intranet web services
  • not just for AT.LogOn, it can also work for Enterprise demanding internet services like Microsoft365, Azure Virtual Desktop, Google workspace, Salesforce, … ​
  • Avoid “MFA Fatigue attacks” happened on authenticator app
Business Model​


  • Installation guide & installation pack
  • Business lock key​​
  • FIDO key - ATkey.Pro​​

Local Partner

  • Provide 1U Hardware Server with Windows 2019 including maintenance
  • Following Installation guide to install and configure as formal AT.LogOn.Server

Customer IT Admin

  • assign necessary URLs with on-premise AD
  • Deploy "AT.LogOn for Windows" to employees PCs​​
  • Assign "ATKey.Pro" to employees and guide them registering key to their AD accounts
  • Login to "AT.LogOn.Server" dashboard for server, admin and user management
user security key

Customer Employees

  • Enroll fingerprint to ATKey.Pro
  • Register ATKey.Pro to employee AD account
  • Passwordless Logon via ATKey.Pro fingerprint matching​​
Start Passwordless login to your on-premise AD

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