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August 23, 2022
Lenovo, Sateraito Office and AuthenTrend Partner to Enable Passwordless Single Sign-On for Japan GIGA School
Sateraito Office Single Sign-On Solution integrated with AuthenTrend AT.AuthFi (on-demand FIDO2 cloud) and ATKey.Pro (fingerprint enabled FIDO2 USB key) on top of Lenovo […]
August 17, 2022
全球都在關注的網路安全零信任轉型, 臺灣政府也要開始行動了! 目前我國最新規畫出爐, 現階段2022年8月正遴選導入試行的機關, 後續將優先推動A級公務機關逐步導入, 同時也將促進國內資安業者發展相關產業鏈 零信任架構(Zero Trust Architecture,ZTA)備受資安圈與全球政府重視, 不只是美國政府在近一年來提出具體規畫, 我國政府今年亦將開始行動, 根據行政院國家資通安全會報技術服務中心(以下簡稱技服中心),他們在7月中旬揭露相關資訊, 並指出為了強化政府資安防護, 導入零信任網路已經成為既定政策, 目前確定將優先推動國內A級機關逐步導入。 在身分鑑別機制上, 包含聚焦多因子身分鑑別, 以及簽章與加密的身分鑑別聲明。 也就是FIDO多因子身分鑑別機制, 可使用實體安全金鑰或手機APP,進行無密碼登入; 後者則是由鑑別聲明伺服器發行給使用者的存取授權證明, 包括JWT或SAML標準格式, 透過鑑別聲明函式庫(API), […]
March 30, 2022
AuthenTrend launches a FIDO cloud solution
to expand availability of flagship ATKey biometric security key
AuthenTrend has released an on-demand FIDO cloud solution – AT.AuthFi, a FIDO2 cloud that enables FIDO-based Passwordless/MFA authentication for web applications or services, […]
March 18, 2022
AuthenTrend ATKey.Pro is now
FIDO CTAP2.1 certified
We are pleased to announce that ATKey.Pro is now FIDO CTAP2.1 certified!   Being part of CTAP2.1 contributors with industry giants ( 20210615.pdf ), […]
December 10, 2021
[Video] How to buy NFT on OpenSea with AT.Wallet?
Buying NFT with a cold wallet isn’t a dream, and it’s easy! In this post and the video, we are going to show […]
November 12, 2021
AuthenTrend Announces Partnership with
ICONS is a leading technology marketing and distribution company located in India. We have been delivering world-class products and services for over two […]