FIDO2 Certified Fingerprint Security Key

  • Slimmest fingerprint enabled USB dongle / smart badge for U2F and FIDO2.
  • Portable key for any Windows, Mac or Chromebook.
  • Best fingerprint experience.
  • Patented Standalone Enrollment.
  • Bio-Safe™

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Fingerprint Enabled Cryptocurrency Cold Wallet

  • Credit card typed fingerprint cold wallet with small, reliable and high-performance sensor.
  • Standalone mode for total asset query and transactions.
  • BLE mode for iOS and Android app.
  • USB/BLE mode for Windows and Mac.

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The fingerprint security keys made for FIDO2™ Authentication, ATKey are implemented as one of the most precise and accurate fingerprint recognition algorithms. Patented Standalone Enrollment technology makes you seamlessly register and manage your fingerprints, no app or device required.
AuthenTrend ATKey.Card - Fingerprint Smart Badge


Fingerprint Enabled Smart Badge


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AuthenTrend ATKey Integration

Integrate AuthenTrend with a customized firmware to fit your IT environment easily.

We can customize firmware or provide sample code to ease the burden of getting started with your target.

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