TOP3 Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallets of 2021


We help you access as many DeFi services and DApps as you want!

Partner with crypto exchanges, open protocols, infrastructure layers to build a more complete decentralized world to you.

Support standalone mode through e-link for total asset and transaction QR codes

Enhaced Security

  • Designed with Infineon Secure Element (SLE97, EAL 5+SE), that generates private key inside SE for security transactions.
  • matching-on-card fingerprint sensor, making fingerprint templates not disclose outside the card and only send out public key.
  • Have better control of your assets with our card lock features.


Fast and Accurate Biometrics Authentication

  • Small, Reliable and with the highperformance built-in fingerprint sensor from EgisTec.
  • Patented Standalone Mode adds convenience for fingerprint verification and fast transaction signing.

Handy and Light to Carry Around

  • Built-in low-power E-ink allows a comprehensive view of your entire transaction details and accounts.
  • BLE/ USB mode for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android.
  • Passed Waterproof IP68 at depths more than 1 meter.

Multiple Wallets and Multiple cryptocurrencies

  • We support multiple wallets by assigned fingerprint matching.
  • Now we are ready for Bitcoin, Bitcoin cash and Ethereum; we will support Litecoin and Ripple by software upgrade or even more cryptocurrencies.


  • Dimension: 85.0 x 54.0 x 2.2mm
  • E-ink: 1.02" 128 x 80 display
  • Fingerprint: 10.4 x 10.4, up to 8x fingerprints.
  • Water-proof, 2x LED indicators, 90mAh Li-on rechargable battery.

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