AT.AuthFi is a one-stop FIDO solution that eliminates the need for passwords

AT.AuthFi is a FIDO2 cloud, enabling FIDO authentication (Passwordless or MFA) for your web applications or services for higher level of security and convenience for your users.

Combining FIDO2 biometric security keys with an on-demand FIDO cloud, AT.AuthFi can help employees, customers, or members of any organization log in securely on browsers without passwords. Biometric verification protects the user with a more intuitive, user-friendly experience and a more secure way through passwordless.

AT.AuthFi provides a fully manageable FIDO Cloud Server API and management dashboard, providing administrators with a simpler and clearer one-stop solution for FIDO integration. Even if you are not a FIDO expert, our service allows developers to introduce FIDO authentication into their applications.

AT.AuthFi on-demand FIDO cloud has FIDO2 Server certification and supports FIDO Security Key (currently only open to ATKeys). The security key is one of the safest options of authenticators, and all users who have the security key can easily interface with your service and secure their accounts.

How to start to use FIDO authentication with AT.AuthFi API?

Reference: Certified FIDO server certification