API & Integration

AT.AuthFi exposes the following APIs for developers to consume in your applications.
The link below describes the Authfi API, which is meant to be used by Relying Party or trusted parties performing administrative tasks.


AT.AuthFi API supports both MFA and Passwordless.
- Passwordless: FIDO2 First Factor Login
- MFA: FIDO2 Second Factor Identity Verify

FIDO Key registration API

There are 2 steps for FIDO key registration.
- Step 1: Parameters to FIDO server
- Step 2: R/P sends parameters to FIDO key, and send FIDO key response to FIDO server

o Authentication requests API
o FIDO key canceled API
o Get user registered FIDO key
o Get User list

After implementing the APIs, you can use AT.AuthFi Management Console to track and manage users' activities and authorities. However, you can also use APIs to manage your registered users' data from your side.

Note: You can only see API document link on Management Console after applying a new RP.

Integration Sample

Following on the link below, we will show a sample code that will give you a quick overview of how to integrate AT.AuthFi into your relying party.
The server-side code is written in Node,js, while the front-end code is written in javascript.

Please sign up AT.AuthFi first to get API key for your RP implementation.