Plan & Billing Cycle

Account & Plan

After you apply for a RP for the first time, your account will automatically activate a 15-day trial service. If you plan to continue using AT.AuthFi services after the trial period, please contact us via [email protected]. You will be offered a detailed quote, the monthly cost per user.

If you need to extend your trial period or account for some special reasons, please click "Contact Us " or email to [email protected], and we will respond as soon as possible.

Billing Cycle

Recurring Charges

We will use a single month as the billing cycle, while rolling up as the AT.AuthFi subscription bill.

In the example chart below, you officially activated your AT.AuthFi account on April 5. Since the total charges roll up with your platform users, you will receive a monthly bill for April usage of AT.AuthFi on May 4. -- which means you will have to pay for the last 30 days of usage. Likewise, on June 4, you will likewise see an invoice for the total amount of your use during May.

User Count Charges

Since AT.AuthFi uses "active users" to calculate the amount billed for that month. As you can see in the example, if you had 13 active users in April but suspended 3 users in May, those 3 users would still be included in the June 4 invoice. However, on July 4, you will only be charged for 10 users.
Note: The active user information on the Customer Management Console dashboard will be updated immediately, so if there are deleted or suspended users, billing will be based on the users actually recorded in the log.