when you are working or surfing with your laptop, but you want going to restroom or going to front desk for something, what should you do on your Laptop? Can ATKey.Hello help it?
when you are away or off duty, are you sure no one may guess your PIN code or password to try for logon? Can ATKey.Hello prevent the possible cases?

allow teachers to unlock and login on PC their purpose, students can’t try or access it without permission; can Windows Hello support the scenario easily?

Does anyone try your login password when you are away?

With "Logon-Lock" this new software, you can block all input devices, such as keyboard, mouse, touch screen, etc. No one can try to log into your PC by guessing the password/PIN. Since keyboard/mouse are all locked, the only way to log in is by using ATKet.Hello dongle, this small and easy tool can enhance your security.

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