Step 1:
download app

Download "ATKey for Phone" app from Apple store

(for Windows 10) download "ATKey for Windows" app from Windows store
(for Mac OSX) download "ATKey for Mac" from authentrend web

App screen 2

Step 2:
BLE pairing

Enable Bluetooth of both devices

Pair target Windows (or Mac) with Phone from ATKey for Windows (or Mac)

App screen

Step 3:login

At Windows 10 (or Mac) login screen, your phone will be requested "Biometrics" authentication automatically, just verify by your fingerprint or facial, then it will login Windows (or Mac) remotely

ATKey.Phone quick guide

App screen
App screen

One Phone works for multiple devices

You can use your phone to login different Windows 10 PC and Mac

But one device (PC, Mac) can just pair with one authenticator (Phone, BLE Key, ...)

Turn your phone as FIDO U2F

Not just login your devices, you can use your phone as FIDO U2F authenticator as 2nd factor (security key) to login U2F enabled web service, highly secure

* You need Chrome browser for U2F
* For Windows 10, user needs to download "U2F plug-in"

App screen 2
App screen

For B2B, we support volume license

Please mail us  to request volume license for your office, org. or OEM business

ATKey for Windows 10  
ATKey U2F Plug-in for Windows 10
ATKey for Mac                  
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(Android) ATKey.Phone